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Where is my Gift Card Credit?

Gift voucher Credit must be utilized in a program – it can’t be utilized in the Roblox applications.

Where is my Gift Card credit balance?

Subsequent to recovering a Gift Card you can discover the Credit equalization can by and large be seen on buying pages. A record’s credit equalization won’t be noticeable on all pages.

How do you get an exclusive item from a Gift Card? It relies upon the store where you purchased the Gift Card.

In the event that your Gift Card is qualified for a selective thing, it will be allowed to your record when you reclaim your Gift Card. There are new things every month! Here is the current rundown of select Gift Card things.

Can you buy monthly memberships with Credit?

Truly! While picking an installment strategy, select Roblox Credit on the off chance that you’ve just recovered the card. Or on the other hand, you can choose Redeem Roblox Card in the event that you haven’t yet recovered the card. Participations bought with Roblox Credit will naturally reestablish except if they are dropped before the recharging date. Your accessible Credit must cover the maximum of your buy at season of recharging.

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